Understanding About the Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

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You’ve probably heard of cork flooring but you may not have seriously considered having it in your home before. If you are thinking of changing the flooring in one or more rooms in your home, now is the time to find out more about it. I will discuss the pros and cons of Cork flooring so that you can better understand it.

The advantages of cork flooring

When people think about cork the first thing that comes to mind – perhaps understandably – is the backing on drinks coasters! This is certainly normally made from cork, and it might put you off the idea of installing it as your new flooring. But in truth the cork you will lay down on the floor is a lot different from the cork on those coasters.

Cork is actually highly resistant to mold and mildew. This is why you often see cork boards to stand on when you get out of the shower. It can provide an excellent flooring choice in bathrooms and in kitchens, as well as other areas of the home. It also dampens down sound levels in a way that laminate and hardwood flooring do not, which is something else to think about.

Another thing that might make you consider cork flooring in more depth is its ability to withstand pretty much everything you throw at it. It is incredibly durable and this alone is one reason why many people opt for it.

The disadvantages of cork flooring

While cork can withstand a lot of damage, it does depend on the type of damage caused. If you have a child who decides they’ll pick a chunk out of your cork floor one day, that chunk will notice and you’ll have to try and replace it.

Another major disadvantage is that you won’t be able to mop it. It typically has a protective coating but it doesn’t react well to water or spillages. If you do spill anything you should mop it up immediately to restrict the amount of damage done. Even though cork can be refinished, it isn’t an easy job and you shouldn’t be doing it all the time either.

Is cork flooring the one for you?

Clearly you have to think carefully before you decide to have a cork floor installed in your home. In some circumstances it may not be ideal at all, such as if you have kids or maybe even pets that might scratch it. Just imagine a dog of any size running across it and trying to turn by digging their claws into it. Not good!

So think about your situation and what you want from your floor before you decide whether cork will be the right choice for you.

Cork floors are currently very popular and, like most decorating options, there are both pros and cons associated with them. Cork flooring not only looks attractive, it is also very resilient, and if you are seeking a natural looking type of floor covering for your home, cork flooring offers many excellent properties. However, cork flooring does have a few disadvantages, so before you rush out to your nearest floor coverings store, you need to investigate what the pros and cons of cork flooring are!

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