The Reason Choosing Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

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You may be asking what the difference between conventional bamboo and strand woven bamboo flooring. In reality, strand woven bamboo flooring has taken a good thing and then one-upped it. Standard bamboo planks are made from solid bamboo. The excess material used to be a by-product of the manufacture of bamboo flooring is now taken, coated with an adhesive, and compressed to make a totally recycled product known as strand woven bamboo. After compression the durable material can be cut into any size of planks or boards and used in place of hardwood flooring.

Why You Should Choose Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

The stability and durability of strand woven bamboo flooring can’t be beaten, especially for use in high-traffic areas. Bamboo is a plant that grows much more quickly and is a lot more renewable than hardwood, so there’s plenty of it to use for flooring without depleting nature’s supply. Most of the cleaning strand woven bamboo flooring will need can be done with either a dust mop or an environmentally-friendly solution of vinegar and water without a need for harsher chemicals. In addition, the product is more moisture resistant than other types of flooring which increases the longevity of the floor.

The benefits of strand woven bamboo flooring don’t stop there. People who suffer from allergies will love it, because it is virtually free of allergens. It can be easily sanded and refinished as necessary, just like more costly hardwood flooring. However, it probably won’t need to be refinished nearly as often over the years which could end up saving you a lot of time and money.

The Reasons for Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Longevity

If you want a product that is naturally durable and resistant to damage, you can’t beat bamboo, unless it’s with strand woven bamboo. The process that is used to make strand woven bamboo flooring increases its durability greatly. Couple that with the fact that bamboo naturally expands and contracts with weather conditions, and you’ve got one of the longest-lasting types of flooring on the market today.

When choosing the type of strand woven bamboo flooring you want to use in your home, be sure to pick something that wasn’t made using formaldehyde. There are health dangers involved with floors that do contain formaldehyde, especially if your home is quite air-tight. Rather than risk becoming sick somewhere down the line, do your homework first. Once you’ve chosen your flooring, it will only take a little hard work to get it installed and finished. Then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the elegance you’ve added to your home.

Your reasons for choosing strand woven bamboo flooring really won’t matter over the years, as you will continue to be amazed at how beautiful and durable they are over and over again.
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