Small Bedroom Design and Decorating

how to decorate small bedroom

The small bedroom design can become so stuffy if you don’t manage your things well. So here we have some examples how to decorating small bedrooms.

First you must measure the size of bedroom, then what kind of feature can keep in the room. You cannot add all the things you want in the small bedroom unless it will look ugly and untidy. Before you decorating small bedrooms, short list of things you need and you don’t need. Put out things you don’t need from the room.

If your wall paint colour look do not interesting or too gloomy, repaint the wall with more bright color like white, cream, light green, pink, orange, or yellow. You can also use wallpaper to your small bedroom design. Bright or rainbow pattern of wallpapers are more suggested.

Position of bedroom furniture are important to get great decorating small bedrooms. Place window in the room to get fresh air and lighten your room or if you cannot install window, you can use mirrors to replace window function. Mirror can be used for decoration too, use eclectic mirror or customize mirror or you can decorate mirror your own to add beauty value of the room. The room may be small, but not with your imagination.

If your room is only 2×3 m2, big furniture is not recommended. DIY clothed rack can be an option or you can install wall to wall cabinet. Custom shelves are highly recommended to keep you accessories or books because books shelves may be too big and stuffy for small room. The thing you must not forget to apply for makeover small bedroom is light. Light may give illusion of bigger, spacey room for small room. Light is the main point when you have makeover your small bedroom design.

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