Pattern for Backsplash Ceramic Tiles

install tile backsplash

Ceramic tiles are really famous material for backsplash. It is easy to get, cheaper than other materials and the most interesting part is it has a lot of pattern options and you can customize it as you like. People also consider the pattern of material, because when they decide to build backsplash they already have idea what kind of backsplash they want to build. Is it influenced by full surrounding or want to make it different, so it will be the focal point of the kitchen.

It is the easiest way to d├ęcor your kitchen and to make a bold statement what kind of theme you are applying for your kitchen.
There are plain ceramic tiles pattern so you can arrange it according to what color you want to apply. Some of ceramic tiles are having geometric pattern, there are grid pattern, diamond pattern, lacework pattern, brick pattern, checkerboard pattern, herringbone pattern, windmill pattern and hexagon pattern. If you want to decorate your kitchen, geometric pattern tiles are the right tools, all you have to do is to arrange it according to its pattern.If you want to make it more attractive or want to make the backsplash as a focal point of the kitchen use more bold pattern. There are mix between geometric pattern such as brick pattern with diamond border, grid pattern with liner border, grid pattern with liner and diamond insert, and so many more. There are also advance pattern such as combination of circle and diamond pattern, quatrefoil-pattern which has subtle dimension and texture, complementary pattern border tile, art deco, animal pattern like fish or birds, natural pattern such as flower or wave etc., and more complicated pattern like striking black-and-white patterned tiles.

To make backsplash as highlight of the room, for example, you just have to apply plain ceramic tiles with one rooster patterned ceramic tile on the centre of backsplash. It is really applicable and enough to make the backsplash as the highlight of the room.

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