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The Acadian Village is a private cultural park located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Seven of the 11 buildings are authentic homes of the 19th century donated by the families whose ancestors once occupied them (acadian etnic). All homes show the passing of time and are remarkable examples of the ingenuity of the early Acadian homebuilders, complete with wooden pegs, mud walls, hand-hewn cypress timbers and high-peaked roofs. Each was moved piece by piece and carefully restored.

Today, the Acadian Village has served as the backdrop for many Cajun festivals, weddings, special events, corporate functions, Noel Acadien auVillage (Christmas Lighting Program) and the best example around of 19th century Cajun lifestyle. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acadian_Village_%28park%29).

This new phase of the Village Historique Acadien gives an opportunity to visitors to discover the industrial era and the start of the urban aspect of the Acadie of New Brunswick in the 20th century.

Mandate : The Village Historique Acadien’s goal is to inform and educate people on the daily life of Acadians between 1770 and 1949, through the interpretation of their material and real-life history in a re-created environment. This way of life is reflected by people who can interprete the living style, through original buildings and artifacts, by demonstrating various traditional trades, and by cultural and folk events.

Mission : The Village Historique Acadien’s mission is to keep, preserve and promote the Acadian culture and heritage.

The Collection : The 8000 artifacts which constitute the Village Historique Acadien’s collection, and which were acquired in its first building phase, make it one of the most prestigious and complete collections relating to the Maritimes Acadian material civilization. It thus fulfills the goal established by the Village Historique Acadien: that is to be a forefront player in the research related to the Acadian material civilization from 1770 to 1900.

During the building of the second phase of the Village Historique Acadien, being the 20th century, many new heritage pieces were acquired in order to furnish new buildings. These new pieces relate to the material civilization of New Brunswick’s Acadians from 1900 to 1949.

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