Hardness Matters of Hard Wood Flooring Cleaning


Many people do not know how to care for hard wood flooring difference related to the type of wood used. The first step in preserving the beauty and luster of hardwood flooring is to know what type of wood was used and the proper method of cleaning and caring for the floor. In this article I will give you the facts about hardwood floors. Here to help sort things out is a basic primer on the hardness of your hard wood floor with some of the most frequently asked questions or areas of confusion surrounding the care and cleaning of hard wood floors.

Fact About Hard Wood Flooring

Fact: Hardness is not strength! Don’t confuse the hardness of a wood with the strength or feel of the wood. Hardness is simply how well it will resist damage from scratching, punctures or pressure. Fact: Manufacturer Matters. The hardness of a hard wood flooring depends upon the type of tree used to create the wood and the manufacturer. Although most woods of the same species will exhibit similar hardness qualities, there will still be variations between two different manufacturers based upon how the flooring was created, what chemicals were used, thickness and other variables. Fact: There is a wood for every room. Not sure what types of woods go where? Use softer woods for areas with less traffic and harder woods for areas that will need to hold up to more wear and tear. For example North American Cherry is a beautiful wood but very soft with a hardness rating of only 950. Natural bamboo comes in at 1410 while Brazilian Teak stands out at an impressively dense 3500 rating! Many exotic hard wood flooring are not only beautiful but extremely dense and resistant to damage – but keep in mind many are endangered and contribute to the destruction of the local ecology. Fact: Red Oak is a versatile choice. Most old floors used red oak and still look great even though they have a hardness rating of only 1260 on average. With proper care and preservation any floor can look great for many years to come. Fact: Fort Worth wood floor cleaning and Hard wood flooring cleaning doesn’t need to cost a lot. Hire a reputable company with a nationwide reputation like Kiwi Services to clean, repair and preserve your hard wood floors. Properly performed cleaning and preservation not only keeps floors looking great but prolongs the life of your investment for years to come. I hope with the above guidelines, you can take care of hard wood flooring properly.

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