Distressed Wood Flooring For Your Home

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Distressed wood flooring has a distinctive and attractive look that is produced by machine or hand scraping. It is specifically treated to appear old and worn. The methods used to produce this kind of wood enhances its character and highlights the natural beauty of the wood. These types of floors are in high demand because of their classic look and old fashioned appeal. Flooring made from scraped wood can be found in various degrees of aging that include light, medium, or heavy applications.

Distressed wood flooring that has been lightly scraped have a worn and aged look, while floors that are heavily scraped appear to be more rustic. There are a variety of options to choose from when you are selecting the type of distressed floor that you want. Flooring can be installed and then distress by a professional woodworker or contractor, or you can purchase wood that is already distressed. Pre-finished or unfinished wood is also available. Unfinished wood floors can be finished once it has been installed.

Specifically designed to look aged and as though it has been around for centuries, wood of this type will add a warm and rustic or aged atmosphere to the kitchen or dining room. The appearance of each old wooden floor is determined by the method that is used to scrape the wood. Machine scraped wood have distinguishing patterns that repeat across the surface of the floor. Distressed wood flooring that is scraped by hand have random designs without an exact pattern.

Whether you choose a rustic or aged flooring design, your home will feel warm and welcoming to your family and friends. Adding distressed wood flooring is a way to increase the value of your home with elegant and long lasting beauty. The rooms in your home will be transformed from plain to elegantly rich.

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