Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor Finishes

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There are two basic types to choose from and both have pros and cons with them. They can result in an incredible and look for Your hardwood floors finishes, but over time you will probably find that one of the appeals to you more than others.

Completed two is as follows:

  • Surface finish, which sits on top of a wooden floor itself and providing a protective barrier.
  • Finished sharp, which sank into the wood and dries to form a protective barrier.

You can see you will get a degree of protection from both, but it would be a mistake to consider these two types of finishes that are exactly the same.

Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor Finishes

Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor Finishes

The Benefits of Hardwood Floor Finishes

If you haven’t got the time to maintain your hardwood floor regularly, you would be better off going for a surface finish such as a water based finish for example. This requires little to no maintenance at all, other than a regular clean just as you would on any other floor. You don’t have to retreat it since it lasts for ages and is very hard wearing indeed. It’s perfect for households with kids and pets for instance.

The benefits of a penetrating hardwood floor finishes are that it has some degree of flexibility built into the product. This may make it more suitable for floors that are more liable to move than others. In addition to this, while it may not shrug off stains and spillages quite as readily as a surface treatment will, you can always sand down the offending area. Once that is done you just have to retreat it and it will be as good as new again.

The Disadvantage of Hardwood Floor Finishes

There’s really no downside to surface treatment for Your hardwood floors if you choose to water-based treatment. There are several other treatments that can produce smoke or smell disgusting when they’re put on the floor, but if you go to water-based that you don’t get the problem.

The downside is that the treatment of sharp you’ll find stains much easier. But as long as you’re careful and you have some treatment for the hands to back off the damaged area in some way, you can keep your floor looking just as good as the first day of treatment.

Question, what is the best hardwood floor finishes for me? It all depends on your home life, living in it with you and how may floors to be treated. Pros and cons of hardwood floor finishes I describe, and you decide.


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