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White, black, blue and grey is usually become the main theme color of boys bedroom but to encourage children development, you can also use bright color as combination. To complete the interior design of the room, we may use tradition decoration for boys bedroom. There are many decorations we can use for boys bedroom décor such as atom lamps, the structure of atom can be a cage for lamps.

Make accessories from sport activity such as Football’s ball, soccer’s ball, basketball’s ball, bicycle. Use animal paintings, boys really like strong animal like lion, the king of jungle, or hawk or maybe dinosaurs.You can also combine the boys hobby in the room such as miniature of old car, fishing rod, miniature of plane. Old clock also suitable too for traditional decoration for boys bedroom.

Not only the accessories can be a décor, but the bedding and quilt also becomes the interesting scenery of the room. Neutral tone bedding combine with animal pattern quilt is more interesting for boys. The parent can use it as media education to introduce the names of animals to the children.

The thing you should not left from traditional decoration for boys bedroom is playroom, it is a space for children to play. If your boys was not toddler anymore and they already at school age, you should prepare for study. Put some photos of anything that will become they interest, put maps on the wall also will increase they knowledge. If your boys still learn how to read, you can put letters from A to Z on the wall in various colors. You can teach them to remember the letters, to understand how to read it, and to identify the colors. That become room decoration but also a media to teach the kids. So traditional decoration for boys bedroom could be inspired from the boys hobby or their needs. The things will have more meaning than just become a boys bedroom decoration.

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