Artistic Deluxe Italian Bedroom Furniture

italian bedroom furniture

Italian bedroom furniture is attractive pieces that work well with nearly any type of decor. It comes in a variety of materials. Traditional Italian bedroom furniture sets may contain very large pieces that have rounded tops and elaborate designs such as ribbons or scrolls. Meanwhile, more modern Italian bedroom furniture is smaller and sleeker, so that the pieces have flat or square bottoms and, sides, along with tops that are slightly curved.

There are many different materials can be used to build Italian bedroom furniture, including wood, marble and Formica. They may also be made from laminated wood or a combination of wood and Formica. Many different types of wood may be used, but mahogany and walnut are the two most popular. The color of Formica and marble pieces are normally solid white, cream, or black in color, while wooden pieces may be either light or dark brown.

Classic Italian bedroom furniture may elaborate curves on the headboard, footboard and dressers. These pieces might be very rounded on top and may contain scrollwork or other designs. Some sets may contain a nightstand or wardrobe. These pieces are typically flat on top but slightly rounded in the front. Seldom, frosted glass panels may be inserted into the front of a wardrobe or headboard, while the dresser may contain a mirror which is made of frosted glass as well. More modern Italian bedroom sets may be sleeker in design than traditional pieces are. This may include a nightstand and dresser that is straight on the sides, but slightly round in front. Besides, bedroom design such as this may include furniture that is only slightly curved on top rather than extremely round. The exception to this is the headboard which may still be very round. Contemporary bedroom furniture may or may not include a footboard, but if there is one, this piece is normally straight on all sides rather than rounded.

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