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Using rug pads for hardwood floors protection is a great way to add an extra layer between your area rug and the floor. The primary purpose is to make your area rugs slip resistant on hardwood or laminate flooring. Some area rugs may have a great look and feel but slide around when placed over top of hardwood floors. Rug pads are made of a special felt that blends the floor covering seamlessly with them floor while preventing it from slipping around.

Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors Material

Rug pads for hardwood floors usually made of an organic polymer or rubber. They are also made from felt. The felt material is sprayed with a treatment that makes it more stable when placed over top of a smooth surface. The main thing you want to consider about the material is the effect it could have on the hardwood floors. For example, they are made from polymers or rubber material generally will not leave a mark or create any kind of damage. However, the treatment spray used on felt has been known to occasionally leave a mark. This happens when the spray wears off over time and transfers to the flooring. When this happens the rug pads also lose their slip proof function.

Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

A popular choice of rug pads for hardwood floors are ones that are made of real rubber. Rubber is better than felt because it will always maintain its non slip function and will never leave any kind of marking on the floor. When you combine jute and good quality rubber you have a solid product that will create a stable base and will have great durability.

A good thickness is about 1/4 of an inch. This can vary a bit, but this width is ideal for maximizing function while still going unnoticed underneath the area rug. Another popular wide is 1/8 of an inch. This width is commonly associated with rug pads made from organic polymers, which is another excellent choice.

Using rug pads for hardwood floors is a great idea to keep your floor coverings from sliding around. Find a good quality product and you will be set for years to come.

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